Зарядно за автомобили ZEVS

EV Charger

About Us
We, from Crane OOD’s team, aim to improve our development in the sphere of ecology and environmental protection through creativity in “green” ideas and innovative methods for their implementation.

Namely for this reason, we developed “MCE” (movable, compact, easy-to-use) EV charger ZEVS. It is designed to charge one electric vehicle at home or in a public place. It is suitable for a wide range of institutions, such as: hotels, restaurants, malls, big stores, business centers, gas stations and many others.

Created to follow the requirements of high-quality technology and practicality of new times, ZEVS provides an opportunity for constructing an infrastructure that is easy to use by electric car owners.


Why is ZEVS the easiest and most convenient charger?

Because it takes only 3 steps!

зарядно за електромобили

The advantages of ZEVS

  • Suitable for over 90% of electric vehicles on the market;
  • Offers a choice between 2 types of charging contacts TYPE1 or TYPE2;
  • It can easily be mounted on a wall or ground;
  • An illuminated LCD display with an electrometer gives information about the consumption of electricity;
  • Optionally, Wi-Fi communication can be offered via Android or IOS;
  • If the control of an access to public places is required, RFID is offered;
зарядно за електромобили
Model ZEVS
Installation Wall, free or ground (in combination with an optional mounting column)
Operating voltage 230 VAC 1 Ph; 3×230/400 VAC 3 Ph
Maximum power 7,4 kW (1×230 VAC); 22 kW (3×230/400 VAC)
Maximum charging current 32A (6÷32А  by setting from the menu)
Defective current protection Electronic I ∆ ≥ 20mA
Thermal protection Built-in digital temperature sensor
Electric meter Built-in kWh with possibility of accumulation
Type of contact Type 1 (SAE J1772) or Type 2 (IEC 62196-2), with 5 m cable included
Lock the charging socket Yes (Optional with Contact Type 2 (IEC
Interface Color LCD, alphanumeric; moisture and vandal-resistant button for control and menu setup
Time and date Built-in real-time clock with an independent power supply; timers for switching on and off the charge
Communication Wi-Fi (optionally with Android and IOS management capability and monitor consumption)
Degree of protection of the housing IP56, UV ABS and stainless steel
Work temperature -25°C to +50°C
Dimensions 230x150x75 mm
Weight 2,8 ÷ 4,3 kg (according to the configuration)
Color Inox
Certificate CE

Optionally can be placed:

  • Column for installation on the ground
  • Wi-Fi module for remote management and monitoring
  • Charge contact locking module Type 2 (IEC 62196-2)
  • RFID access module

Download ZEVS presentation

Product visualization and more information can be found here: https://prezi.com/view/5wCN7A2gAFQS7bx0xZIZ/

Answers to the most frequently asked questions
The electric vehicle market in Bulgaria is growing, as the interest in modern cars without gas emissions is progressively increasing. Several hundred electric vehicles are registered in the country, with a tendency to become more widespread. In addition, after each subsequent year, the cost of a second-hand electric car falls and these cars become more and more easily accessible.
The ZEVS charger is an attraction and an extra feature in the services offered in restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and several others that engage electric car owners with the charger’s ease of use, functionality and speed of charging.
The main incentives for distribution are the exemption from road tax and free parking in green and blue zones in the major cities.
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